The purpose of the site is to provide information on ham radio activities in Calgary and the surounding area. Any activity that involves amateur radio operators can be posted here. To have your event listed here, please send an email message with the details and URL link to the editor (see link below).

Upcoming Events

May 24 to 26 - Rocky Mountain Car Rally. The Calgary Sports Car Club is starting to plan the upcoming Rocky Mountain Rally. Garry Spicer VE6GDS (the event's Radio Coordinator) says: "This is our premiere event of the year and it is one of the very best field radio operations opportunities available to amateur radio operators in this region. We will be looking for radio operator volunteers to help with various roles. Training is provided, so no prior experience is required. To register as a volunteer or to get more information, click on this link: Rocky Mountain Car Rally

May 24 to 26 - Elbow Valley Cycle Club – Golden Triangle 2019 300km bicycle tour: looking for amateur radio volunteers. Dave Swanson VE6SWN (Communications Coordinator) advises: "This is a 300 km Bicycle Tour from Castle Junction to Radium to Golden and back to Castle Junction. For the past 35 years it has been run on the May long weekend. This year Parks Canada does not want us on the road that weekend. So, they have moved it to the next weekend. FRIDAY 24 May to Sunday 26 May. This means we as Hams have to take Friday off from work. I have lost a few Hams because of this. This event is the club’s premier event of the year and has had up to 400 cyclists. The Hams provide communication support for the event. The club provides rental vehicles, all meals, and accommodations." For more information or to volunteer, contact Dave Swanson at 403-279-5626 (home) or 403-560-1201 (cell).

June 14 to 16 - 49th Annual Red Deer Picnic and Hamfest. Click this link for all the details and directions: Picnic

Field Day is June 22-23

Informal Events

  • Saturday mornings (about 8:30 until 11:00) in the Food Court at Sunridge Mall in NE Calgary, many hams gather together to talk about the band conditions, DX, equipment, and whatever.

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