The purpose of the site is to provide information on ham radio activities in Calgary and the surounding area. Any activity that involves amateur radio operators can be posted here. To have your event listed here, please send an email message with the details and URL link to the editor (see link below). Please use the links on the Clubs page to check for individual club activies on their own web sites.

Upcoming Events

March 5 - Basic Course in Okotoks starts. This is a compressed course over 1 evening and 4 full days. For complete details see: Basic Course

March 8 - Volunteer opportunity for the Cochrane Winter Car Rally. The Winter Rally is sponsored by the Calgary Sports Car Club and is one of the best radio service events of the winter season. Garry Spicer VE6GDS says "I am helping to organize the rally and one of my responsibilities is to recruit radio operators for the event. The rallies are some of the best field radio operations opportunities available to the Amateur Radio community in our region. They are challenging, fun, and a great way to test your equipment and skills in "real world" conditions. This year's event takes place on Sunday 08 March in the Waiparous region northwest of Cochrane. Radio operators are needed to provide communication services and safety observation at various locations throughout the course. Training is provided, so no prior experience is required."
More information, including links to the official Rally web site, can be found on the CARA web site: Winter Rally

April 18 - CARA Flea Market at Eastside City Church. Doors open to the public at 9:00AM. More details.

June 27/28 MS Bike Tour - Airdrie to Olds. Radio volunteers needed. Details TBA. MS Bike Tour site

July 18/19 - volunteer opportunity for the Cold Lake Air Show. Amateur radio participation is crucial to the safe and efficient conduct of the air show, as such it's on us to provide a quality service. Again, we cannot do our job without your support- which is good for you, as we do everything we can to make your time a good one- we want you to come back! Contact Garry Naylor VE6FGN (northernnaylor at yahoo.com) for more details on the part amateur radio volunteers play.

Informal Events

  • Saturday mornings (about 8:30 until 11:00) in the Food Court at Sunridge Mall in NE Calgary, many hams gather together to talk about the band conditions, DX, equipment, and whatever.

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